TransBS - Transformation of monolithic Business-Software into distributed, workflow-based Client-Server-Architectures

Project start: 2006, Project end: 2009

Funded by: BMBF

Project Participants

Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rauber

Project Staff

Dr. Marvin Ferber

Dr. Sascha Hunold

PD Dr. Matthias Korch

External Partners

Project Description

This project aims on developing a methodology to transform monolithic legacy business-software into modern, component-based, distributed, scalable, Open-Source-based Client-Server-Architectures including configurable worklflows for heterogeneous platforms. In this process, the modular and logical structure of the software has to be taken care of. Furthermore, the modular and logical structure of the legacy business-software is taken as basis for building components and for creating a distributed target application.


More informationen is available on the project website (in german).

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