TGrid - Runtime environment for heterogeneous systems and grid systems

Project Participants

Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rauber

Project Staff

Dr. Sascha Hunold

Project Description

TGrid is a runtime system for a network of heterogenous parallel machines which allows the execution of hierarchically-structured multi-processor tasks (M-Tasks).

The TGrid environment consists of several modules which enable the processing of M-tasks, the mapping of M-tasks to processors for execution, the observation of running M-tasks, and the redistribution of data between M-tasks. M-tasks which can be executed in the TGrid environment are able to take full advantage of the underlying communication network by using MPI. On the other hand, since the M-tasks are written in Java, they are also completely platform independent.

TGrid is a location-aware runtime system which means the system keeps track of the task placement in the grid. This location-awareness enables the system to gain better scheduling strategies and heuristics since the system is able to determine each processor’s position in the grid and so, the system can reduce the communication overhead by exploiting spatial locality between concurrently running tasks.

Sketch of the Runtime Configuration of TGrid


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